Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tower of London & my 26th birthday!

It's been a wee while since my last post. Last week was my 26th birthday and my husband took me out to the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels. We have been in London for almost two years now and we are slowly 'ticking off' the famous sights of our new home town!

Here are a few photos from our visit;

I liked this wire sculpture of an elephant's head. It is above where the elephant used to be kept when 'Royal Beasts' used to be kept at the Tower of London to entertain visitors who otherwise only got to see them in story books. The 'Royal Beasts' were gifts to the Royal Family from other countries.

A view of Tower Bridge from the grounds of the Tower of London.

I liked seeing the mix of old and new architecture - with the top of The Shard visible above the castle!

The texture and shapes of this old stone building really interested me with the shape of the tree beside it.

We arrived at the Tower of London before 11am and didn't leave until around 5pm! It was a really interesting place to visit and I would recommend it to anyone visiting London. What we found really interesting was that it wasn't purposefully built to be a prison, even though it ended up being used as one. You can see engravings in the stone of some of the buildings from the people who were prisoned  there. 

I'd also recommend getting there early if you want to see the Crown Jewels, by the time we came out from seeing them the queue was almost down to the main entry way!

Afterwards we went to Westfield for dinner at Pizza Express. It was a really nice way to spend my birthday. 

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